Message from Our President

On behalf of AIGC, our Board of Directors and staff, we thank you for visiting our website.  The AIGC Website is a place to access opportunities.  It is the source of programs, services and resources that provide opportunity for American Indian and Alaska Native students of all ages and areas of study.

As an AIGC Alumnus and someone who personally benefited from the good work of AIGC, I know first hand of the opportunities that are provided be it financial assistance as well as support and guidance in navigating the array of systems in order to pursue one’s dreams.  I also know of the personal, community and professional benefits of one’s efforts.

The student is the foundation of all our effort and we aim to provide each student with the support, information and guidance they require.  It is the role of the board and staff to insure that all students have the same opportunities that we were provided by those who came before and who made our opportunities possible.

Best wishes for success,

Michael E. Bird (Kewa/Santo Domingo Pueblo)
Public Health Consultant