Congratulations to AIGC!


The year 1969 marked an important milestone in American Indian post-secondary education. The National Indian Scholarship Program (the American Indian Graduate Center [AIGC] of today) opened its doors at the University of New Mexico.

Nearly a half-century later, AIGC has awarded more than 16,600 scholarships, totaling over $52 million, to graduate students in all fields of study.

While 45 years has brought on a world of change, AIGC has held steadfast in the community of American Indian graduate education: a resource to support the educational pursuits of American Indian and Alaska Native students.

“Our history is not marked by dramatic change or sudden developments, rather a constant hunger to improve our American Indian and Alaska Native communities through education and leadership,” said AIGC Director Sam Deloria. “It was the vision and commitment of two pioneers, Robert Bennett and John Rainer, that started the movement and the follow-through of thousands of scholars, volunteers, staff members, board members and donors who sustained the life of that vision.”

The gradual growth of AIGC has been made possible through the support of federal programs, private foundations, individual endowments and alumni giving. Collectively, their spirit for education sustainment in the American Indian and Alaska Native community has benefited many thousands of students who have received scholarships or utilized the student services offered through AIGC.

You may donate to AIGC by clicking here. Your donation will contribute to a scholarship or service that directly benefits American Indian and Alaska Native students today and into the future.

To read more about the 45 years of AIGC, check out the Spring 2014 issue of The American Indian Graduate magazine.  Click here to sign up to receive the magazine in hard copy or e-version.  All issues of the magazine can be viewed on the AIGC website.

Congratulations on 45 years, AIGC!