February Undergraduate

Bah Bigman

Big Mountain, AZ
Gates Millennium Program
Susquehanna University
GPA: 3

Community Service:

2016-2017 First Year College Student

Circle K International Club- Public Relations Officer @ Susquehanna University

TOYS FOR TOTS – on a Saturday at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Serviced 4 hours in the warehouse finding and packing gifts for children from ages 4-17.
Donated about 75 gifts all together. For 2 hours there was no electricity and heater.

PLANTING TREES WITH THE SELINSGROVE TOWNSHIP- Planted 30 trees in public parks and residential areas in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Serviced 5 hours on a Saturday.

ALPACA FARM PETTING- Went to an animal farm Saturday mornings from 9-11 for two weekends petting and feeding livestock.

OUTREACH SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT- After a return from college during breaks, I return to my high school or boarding school to talk with the students about how college is so diverse and challenging. I outreach because students need to gain knowledge about how secondary education operates. I recently visited my boarding school and talked with the 8th graders about my high school and college experience.

2015-2016 Senior Year HS


ANNUAL VETERAN’S DINNER: During Veteran’s Day, the NHS club hosts a dinner for our local veterans providing homemade gifts, and hot food.

SUICIDE PREVENTION WALK: Each year as a HS student I volunteered with the Indian Health Service Department to raise awareness in my community about the depths of suicide and provided brochures.

WILD WESTERN WEDNESDAY: Initially for students to show-practice on their livestock for competitions. I serviced trash picking, guided parents, and sold baked goods.

BAZAAR BAKE SALES: Every year NHS participates in a Christmas Bazaar selling baked goods and sponsoring a cake walk for end of the gifts for seniors.


Yá’át’ééh shi ei Bah Ruth Bigman yinishye. Dinéadzaa nishli. Naakai Dine nishli, Taachinii bashishchiin, Taabaha dashicheii, Dzlini’nii dashinali. Shima ei Irene Benally wolye, doo Shizhe’e’ei James Bigman wolye. Shimasani doo Shicheii ei Ruth doo Joe Benally wolye. Dziil Nit’sa da’na’sha. Tso’stid sa’da shi na’hei. Neuroscience ei Susquehanna University ei iiniishta’. Hello my name is Bah Ruth Bigman. I am a young Navajo woman. My clans are The Mexican Clan, born for the Red Streak Running into Water. My maternal clan is Edge Water and my paternal clan is Manygoats Clan. My mother is Irene Benally and my father is James Bigman. My grandparents are Ruth and Joe Benally. I am from Big Mountain, Arizona. I am 18 years old. I study neuroscience at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

My educational goals blossomed at a young age from helping my elders, especially my grandmother. I plan to attend medical school after I graduate with a bachelor in science. I am interested in medicine because today there are rarely any Native American physicians, I only know of two. Additionally, my grandmother herself is a Navajo medicine woman, in our own traditions she helps others who are in need of a spiritual blessing. Knowing only two Native American physicians, I hope to increase the numbers in the future. Being raised and growing up on the Navajo reservation, I only witnessed Navajo people working out of state, leaving their family’s behind for months. Our own Native people need a new career path for future generations and I will pave through the way. Practicing to become a physician will be a lifelong job and it will benefit our Native people with positive acts. Lastly, I am very honored I have received the Gates Millennium, it will make my aspirations become a reality. Ahee’hee(thank you)!