Marveline Vallo Gabbard – 15 years of dedication to AIGC!

121420111353577141Marveline Vallo Gabbard is “The Power of Scholarship”!

As AIGC prepares to celebrate 45 years of service to American Indian and Alaska Native students in higher education, it is only fitting to celebrate the AIGC staff person who has chosen to serve students for 1/3 of the organization’s existence.

Marveline Vallo Gabbard joined AIGC on the day of her grandmother’s birthday which is why she’ll always remember her AIGC anniversary date.  At that time, AIGC was a very small office needing a highly organized person to further systemize a growing program.  A last minute applicant from the Pueblo of Acoma’s Department of Education, Marveline was a perfect choice for the role.  She and daughter Brittney moved in to Albuquerque and life’s been a constant change for her and AIGC.

Some of those changes include obtaining her own bachelor’s degree, getting married, moving AIGC to an online system, strengthening partnerships and helping AIGC to move to a new office.  The Fall 2013 edition of The American Indian Graduate will highlight a longer article celebrating Marveline’s contributions to American Indian and Alaska Native Higher Education.

If you’d like to submit a note for inclusion in the magazine article, please send it to Mario at with the subject “Marveline’s Anniversary”.  We’ll do all we can to include as many as possible.

Congratulations to Marveline and on belhalf of American Indian and Alaska Native students in higher education, everywhere –  THANK YOU for 15 years of dedication to AIGC and student success.