American Indian Graduate Center Honors Champions of Higher Education

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News Release
May 7, 2014
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American Indian Graduate Center Honors Champions of Higher Education

Albuquerque, NM – May 2, 2014 – The American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving cultural and economic wellbeing for individuals and tribes through graduate education, recognized leaders in Native American education advancement at its annual reception in Albuquerque, NM. Native American advocates, alumni of AIGC, and supporters of the organization were honored at the annual event.
Honorees included:
• REDW and Bruce Bleakman – REDW, a business and financial advisement firm, and Bleakman, who is an expert in accounting and financial reporting for tribal governments, together were honored as generous supporters of various initiatives in Indian Country.
• Dr. Grayson Noley (Choctaw Nation) – Noley is a Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Oklahoma. He holds a master’s and doctorate degree in education from Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He has authored more than two-dozen journal articles and book chapters and served for 13 years as Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at University of Oklahoma.
• Wayne Watkins – Watkins is an alumnus of AIGC who supports the “Power of Scholarship” through continuous donations to the organization.
• Dr. Darlene Sorrell (Navajo Nation) – Sorell is also an AIGC alumna and serves as the Director of the Albuquerque Indian Health Service Dental Clinic at the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.
• Steve Stallings (Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians) – Stallings is a Senior Vice President and Director of Wells Fargo’s Native American Banking Services Group. He is a key player in scholarship opportunities for American Indian students.
“There is a tremendous community of distinguished professionals, educators, and advocates of American Indian higher education,” said Sam Deloria, Director of AIGC. “We honor these individuals for their commitment to advancing educational opportunities for Native Americans and Alaska Natives, and for their leadership in strengthening the power of scholarship.”
AIGC, over its lifetime of 45 years, has given more than 15,400 scholarships to American Indians and Alaska Natives who now hold high-ranking positions.
About the American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC)
AIGC is a national organization, based in Albuquerque, NM, providing educational support through scholarships since 1969. AIGC is a national provider of scholarships for American Indian and Alaska Native graduate and undergraduate students and has awarded more than $52 million in scholarships in the 44 years since its inception.
To build, promote and honor self-sustaining American Indian and Alaska Native communities through education and leadership.

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