QASymphony Scholarship

QASymphony is excited to tell you that we are offering a $1000 scholarship to students at American Indian Graduate Center! We would love to make this available and easy to find for your students. Eligibility Requirements 1. High school students who graduate in 2017 and have been accepted into a college or university. 2. Students currently enrolled in a college or university. Application Guidelines QASymphony wants to hear why you believe software development or software testing is important. This should be a short essay (min 500 words).

Male Sense Pro Internet Marketing Scholarship

Our scholarship is called “MaleSense Pro Internet Marketing Scholarship”, and it’s designed to help the students who are currently studying in the areas of (Business, Law,Computer Science,Fashion & Marketing etc). We run this scholarship program every year. Link to our Scholarship page: Here is the list of our requirements: – Requirement Number 1 : 500-1000 words article on the subject: “Internet Marketing and its Importance in 2016” We would be honored if you’d be kind enough to add our award to your scholarship page Of course, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Regards, Adil Rehman

International Women in Media Scholarship

All too often, women have to work extra hard to gain the same respect / status as a man in a similar position, especially those in foreign countries. To this end, we at Everipedia have created a list of female reporters and journalists that we believe deserve recognition for their work. The International Women in Media Scholarship aims to bring awareness and recognition to women working tirelessly across the globe in search of the truth. International Women in Media Scholarship The International Women in Media Scholarship was established by Everipedia, Inc. in 2017. It aims to increase awareness of women in journalism and the media, along with the challenges they face around the world. Applicants, instead of writing an essay, will create a Wikipedia-style biography page for a woman of their choice. A sample list of women will be provided, but applicants are free to chose their own. Our scholarship offers an award of $500 and is open to all incoming and current college students. Scholarship Details - $500 award - Deadline is July 1 - Awarded yearly Eligibility Requirements - Must be a senior in high school, or currently enrolled in a college / university. - Must be fluent in English. Submissions with poor grammar will not be considered. Contact - More Details If you need anything more, feel free to reach out to us!