Marveline Vallo Gabbard

Program Associate for Scholarships and Programs
(Pueblo of Acoma)

American Indian Graduate Center

As the Program Associate, Marveline is responsible for the oversight of AIGC scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate and graduate level students throughout the country.  She will assist with the application processes, respond to academic inquiries including financial aid issues, and assist with outreach efforts.

Marveline is from the Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico.  She earned her Bachelor of University Studies degree from the University of New Mexico.  Marveline has been with AIGC since June 1998 and enjoys working with American Indian students in pursuing their educational goals.  Prior to joining AIGC, Marveline worked with Pueblo of Acoma Higher Education Program as is where she began her higher education career.

Email Marveline or call (505) 881-4584 ext. 111 (Toll Free 1-800-628-1920).