The American Indian Graduate Center & AIGCS are the largest scholarship providers to Native students in the U.S.

We award $15 million in scholarships annually and have awarded over $200 million since inception.  For 50 years, AIGC and AIGCS have empowered Native students from over 500 tribes in all 50 states.


American Indian Graduate Center Scholar Shandiin Herrera

“I believe my journey truly began when I joined the AIGC cohort and I am extremely proud to be a part of a community that continues to contribute to the future of Indigenous communities. I have grown into a woman with the confidence to voice my opinions independent of what anyone around me thinks. I have learned the true power in bringing my authentic voice to everything I do.” – Shandiin Herrera 

American Indian Graduate Center Scholar Bo Shimmin

“AIGC has shown me and countless other native scholars that the world is our oyster. I am thankful that there is an organization full of staff that is so devoted to helping our people advance in the world. The future is NATIVE and the American Indian Graduate Center is a testament to that.” – Bo Shimmin 

American Indian Graduate Center Scholar Jade Herman

“Each and every day we are given the opportunity to make an impact on others. So be mindful not only of the moments that have impacted your life, but also how your actions can impact others. You never know when you might be changing someone’s life.” – Jade Herman 


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*Deferred Revenue: $6,255,642

All Scholarships87%
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All donations and gifts are fully tax-deductible.

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American Indian Graduate Center Scholar Belinda Eriacho

“The American Indian Graduate Center provided me the financial support, through its donors, to complete my advanced degree for which I am grateful for.  Ultimately, it opened doors of opportunity for me.” – Belinda Eriacho 

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AIGC Scholar Jessica Buckless

August 2019 – Graduate

Jessica Buckless Polson, MT Confederated Salish Tribe Gates Millennium Program – Graduate University of Northern Colorado Doctorate in Education Reform GPA 3.7 Community Service Hamline

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AIGC Scholar Ty Montgomery

August 2019 – Undergraduate

Ty Montgomery Coats Chickasaw Nation Wells Fargo Undergraduate Oklahoma State University Biochemistry & Animal Science /Animal Biotechnology GPA 3.78 Community Service Sacred Heart Catholic Parish

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Three thousand outstanding American Indian and Alaska Native students throughout the United States have been awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship by AIGCS.