July 16, 2019

June 2019 Undergraduate

Sara Lindsey BarfieldFairmontLumbeeGMS- Undergraduate University of North Carolina at Chapel HillBiology & Minor- American Indian and Indigenous StudiesGPA 3.425 Community Service First Look Program through UNC Visitor’s Center (2015-2017) Covenant Gives Back Expanding the Circle (2015 & 2016) Assistance for Fairmont Hurricane Matthew Flood Victims Duke Raleigh Hospital Volunteer (Spring 2017) North Carolina American Indian

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June 2019 Graduate

Kerenthia Swan Thoreau, NMNavajoFellowship University of New MexicoEducational LeadershipGPA 4.18   Community Service THS Junior Varsity & Varsity Baseball Team Mom: scheduling snack schedule, organizing snacks for games, assisting players bandaging injuries and providing ice to players, being another mother to the baseball players.  Spring 2018. St. Bonaventure Mission:  Assisting Thrift Shop in daily duties: 

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