Educators & Parents

Joshua Nelson - Native Academic

Parents: Supporting Your Scholar

Affording college is possible, and you can help your student navigate the financial planning process.

Many students use financial aid and other resources to cover college costs. Learn more about financial aid, scholarships, saving for college and other ways to make sure college isn’t a financial burden to you and your child with the Paying for College website, offered by our partners at CollegeBoard. This website is filled with tools and resources to help parents get started with action plans and information about financial aid.

Creating a financial plan with your student is crucial to your their college experience. Take time to discuss costs and expenses with your college student and help create a budget. Whether you will be sending them spending money or they will be responsible for their own finances, there are some things that your student can do to keep expenses in check: create a budget, track spending, complete FAFSA and apply for scholarships


Educators: Empowering Students

Supporting your students through the college planning experience can be challenging with so many different types of higher education institutions. 

To support you throughout this process, utilize the Education Resource Center, offered by our partners at CollegeBoard. Filled with free resources that you can download and share, this is a great opportunity for you to empower students who wish to pursue higher education.