December Undergraduate

Deshna JoeDeshna Joe

Navajo Nation
Gates Millennium Program

Hawai’i Pacific University
International Studies
GPA 3.6

Community Service

  1. Member of National Park Service (NPS)
  2. Volunteering in local communities (Preserving the Environment in Shiprock, NM; Gallup NM; Page AZ; Ganado AZ; Escalante, UT; Holbrook, AZ, Cedar City, UT,)
  3. Restoring He’eia (fish ponds) in local communities in Hawai’i
  4. Arrange a student run cafe business at Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU)
  5. Interact with HPU’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) to plan social activities for students attending HPU
  6. Co-president of Residential Activities Counscil (RAC) to establish activities in community to reduce stress and home sickness for HPU students


Aloha Kakou (Hello All)

Yá’á t ęęh (Greetings) my name is Deshna Joe, My Clans are Kinlichiinii (Red House People), Haskaa Hadzohi (Yucca Fruit People), Tlaashchi&i (Red bottom people) and Tachiinii (Red running into the water). I am a member of the Navajo Nation, and I live in Aneth, Utah. Hele au i ke kula nui o Hawai’i Pacific University ( I am attending Hawai’i Pacific University). My long-term goal is to give back to the community that has given me the chance to obtain higher education. I am currently an undergraduate perusing a BA in international studies. My ambition is to return home and establish economic development for community and nation.