February Undergraduate

Katelynn PipestemKatelynn Pipestem

Skiatook, OK
Wells Fargo

Oklahoma State University
GPA 3.5

Community Service

As a student here at Oklahoma State, I’ve become interested in suicide risk and protective factors. I’ve been a research assistant for the Suicide Risk and Resilience Lab on campus for almost two years. With the help of other graduate students and my lab advisor, I have presented three posters on American Indian populations and concepts of suicide. As a researcher, I’ve been able to put my focus on my people and contribute to the existing literature of suicide. I feel like this has been one way that I’ve been able to help my community and other Native communities that I may not be apart of. I hope that I can continue to investigate why Native people’s have high rates of suicide to further support suicide prevention protocols.



My name is Katelynn Pipestem and I’m currently a junior at Oklahoma State University. I’m a descendant of the Osage, Otoe-Missouria, Cheyenne, Zia-Pueblo, and Potawatomie tribes. I’m majoring in psychology and have an interest in becoming a clinical psychologist after finishing my bachelor’s degree. My time spent at college has been focused on gaining research experience in the lab for Suicide Risk and Resilience with Dr. LaRicka Wingate, and in the lab of Behavior Change with Dr. Thad Leffingwell. It’s been my passion to promote suicide prevention and advocate for our people. I hope to inspire other Native youth in this way.