MacKenzie Scott (Bezos) Gift – FAQs

General Questions

American Indian Graduate Center is a national private 501(c)(3) non-profit providing scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native undergraduate, graduate and professional students throughout the United States. American Indian Graduate Center and AIGCS are the largest scholarship providers to Native students in the United States.

We award on average $15 million in scholarships annually and have awarded more than $350 million since inception. We are proud to empower Native students from over 500 Tribes in all 50 states through educational funding and academic support services.

For more information about MacKenzie and her philanthropy, we invite you to visit her website at

Mackenzie Bezos generously gifted over $1.7 billion to 116 nonprofit organizations. For a complete list, please visit her website:

American Indian Graduate Center is unable to disclose any details of the gift process. Any inquiries for MacKenzie Bezos can be sent to

American Indian Graduate Center is excited and honored to use this gift to leverage current programming and scholarships to increase our impact on Native students pursuing higher education. Our Executive team and Board of Directors will meet to identify strategies that align with creating the most impact in alignment with our vision and mission.

We appreciate your generous contributions! Every dollar donated goes to support our scholars on their higher education journey, and gives them the advantage to better their lives and give back to their Tribal communities.

There are a number of ways to support American Indian Graduate Center. We invite you to visit our Ways to Give page, which details how you may support our organization today, tomorrow and for the next 50 years.

American Indian Graduate Center is a 501(c)(3) organization. Depending on how you file your taxes, your gift to us may be tax deductible. Your accountant would be able to give you accurate tax advice.

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Student Questions

Scholarship amounts for the 2020-2021 academic year have been determined and this gift will not directly impact the amount students will receive. For additional questions concerning scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Operations Team at

American Indian Graduate Center offers over 20 scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and professional students pursuing higher education. To learn more about these opportunities, please visit our website and apply at

American Indian Graduate Center offers scholarships with amounts ranging from $250 to $30,000 annually. For more information about individual scholarships and their requirements, please visit

We invite students to check out our Student Web Resource as well as College During COVID-19. Both of these guides are filled with strategies, best practices and advice designed specifically for Native students to excel in their academic career.

Organizations / Press / Media

American Indian Graduate Center partners with Tribes, the federal government, foundations, corporations and individuals to ensure the growth and sustainability of scholarships.

We are always looking to create new opportunities to empower Native scholars pursuing higher education. If you are interested in partnering with our organization, please email

Please refer all media inquiries to Ms. Jackie Jacobs at 206.388.9200 or at JJ@JTALENTGROUP.COM.