Purchase Fine Art

AIGC has a collection of donated fine art for sale.  Proceeds go toward providing scholarships.

Many of the pieces have been donated by Stetson Law Offices, P.C. of Albuquerque, NM.  Thank you to all of the artists and donors for their generous donations!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the AIGC art pieces or, if you would like to donate art to AIGC, please contact us at 1-800-628-1920.

“Sacred Arrows”

Artist: Tony Abeyta (Navajo)

24″ x 32″
Value: $4,800

“Her Allure Her Majesty”

Artist: Darren Vigil Gray

40″ x 40″
Value: $7,600

Basket With Ivory Walrus (Eskimo)

Artist: Joe Sikvayugak

Value: $3,500


Artist: Bunky Echo-Hawk (Pawnee and Yakima)

29½” x 24″
Value: $2,600.00

“Grey Eagle” 1991

Artist: John Nieto

41½” x 45½”
Value: $16,000

“One Horse Out of Many”

Artist: Monte Yellowbird (Hopi)

34″ x 26″
Value: $1,000

Baleen Whale Basket with Ivory Wolf (Eskimo)

Artist: Attributed to Kinguktuk

Value: $7,500

Winter Harmony

“Winter Harmony”

Artist: David K. John

20” x 16”
Value: $700.00

“Untitled” Man, Bear and Elk

Artist: Mark Swazo-Hinds (Tesuque)

31″ x 38½”
Value: $500

"Full Moon Magpie"

Artist: Nocona Burgess (Comanche)

20″ x 24″
Value: $2,300

"Acoma Rooster"

Artist: Helen Hardin (Tsa-sah-wee-eh) (Santa Clara)

26″ x 21″
Value: $3,500