American Indian Graduate Center offers more than 30 scholarships and fellowships that fund undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees.

AIGC Scholar, Jade Herman

Rosebud Sioux

Basic Eligibility Information

Students must be seeking a full-time degree at a nationally or regionally accredited higher education institution in the United States.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate Tribal affiliation through the submission of a Tribal Eligibility Certificate (TEC). Each opportunity has specific affiliation requirements, please review the specific criteria that you are applying for to ensure eligibility. The TEC is due on the day the application is due.

ALL applicants must submit a Financial Needs Form (FNF) due by July 15 each year and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

AIGC Scholar, Victoria White

Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes

Graduate Students

Master’s, Doctoral and
Professional Degrees

Undergraduate Students

Bachelor's and Associate's Degrees

High School Students

Pre-college Opportunities

FAQs for Scholarships

We receive a number of questions regarding eligibility for our scholarship programs. Please review the following information, the scholarship information pages or the online application instructions for full information about our programs. Due to a high volume of calls, staff may not be able to respond to your question immediately. In the meantime, please review the following FAQ’s, descriptions or the instructions.

We are not able to determine eligibility without a completed application. We ask that you complete an application and staff will make determinations based on your responses in the application. We can only make eligibility determinations from completed applications. In many cases, it takes up to 10 business days to review a submitted application.

We are not able to determine eligibility without a completed application. Do know that American Indian Graduate Center administers a number of opportunities with varying qualifications. Your online application could qualify you for more than one opportunity, so you are encouraged to complete an application and allow the program staff up to 10 business days to review your submission.

Each American Indian Graduate Center scholarship has its’ own award amounts. Whenever possible, we post those amounts in the online system; however, most are varying. In the event that you are offered an award, we’ll do all we can to get your award amount to you as early as possible.

At this time, American Indian Graduate Center primarily funds members of federally-recognized Tribes. American Indian Graduate Center does not advise about this determination over the telephone or email. You must submit a Tribal Eligibility Form to your Tribal enrollment office and they will send it to us for processing. Please submit a completed application to allow staff to determine full eligibility.

If you know the Tribe with which you are affiliated, you should contact their office of Tribal enrollment to learn if you are eligible to be enrolled in the community. If you do not know your Tribal affiliation, you can download a copy of a Guide to Tracing Your American Indian Ancestry.

American Indian Graduate Center utilizes an online application system that includes the ability to upload most required documents. The Financial Need Form and the Tribal Eligibility Form must be mailed directly to American Indian Graduate Center from the reporting agency. Due to the high volume of documents coming into the system, American Indian Graduate Center will only verify receipt via email five days after it has been received. This is to provide staff ample time to process the documents. If your document is not acceptable, you will receive an email from

American Indian Graduate Center funds students in a variety of ways. Applicants who have completed high school or GED programs should review the eligibility criteria for the Accenture or Wells Fargo undergraduate program. Graduate students should refer to the Graduate Opportunity page. The criteria is different for each funding source (loan for service, Accenture, Wells Fargo, etc.). Please review each associated information page for full program information.

Due to limited funding sources and a six month open application period, American Indian Graduate Center does not accommodate late submissions. Please refer to our website in mid-January each year for open applications. Applicants who have started the application process but are having troubles acquiring documents should remain in contact with American Indian Graduate Center during the application process. The Director of Scholarship Operations may accept late-completion appeals with extenuating circumstances.

FNFs may be faxed or scanned and emailed (preferred). However, the original TEC must be mailed within one week to complete a file.  Without exception, no late TEC or FNF will be accepted. However, revisions will be accepted ongoing.

We fund American Indian and Alaska Natives who are enrolled in U.S. federally-recognized Tribes and in some cases, state recognized Tribes.  Individuals who can verify 1/4 American Indian or Alaska Native lineage from federally recognized Tribes are also eligible for funding through American Indian Graduate Center.

Applications are available in January of each year and earlier in some cases. The deadline for receiving applications varies by opportunity.

Privately-funded fellowships may have different requirements than those of the basic American Indian Graduate Center fellowship. If you have a particular fellowship in mind, please refer to the American Indian Graduate Center web site for the specific requirements. American Indian Graduate Center’s Online Application System will match applicants with opportunities based on responses in the General Application. For full application instructions visit the Online Applications and Instructions page of the website.

American Indian Graduate Center operates from several funding sources that may disperse to us at irregular intervals. As difficult as it may seem to do, please be patient. American Indian Graduate Center always notifies offices of financial aid of student awards to alleviate late fees associated with late funds arrival from American Indian Graduate Center. Our staff works very hard to get checks disbursed to financial aid offices as soon as funds arrive to us. It is our intent to provide scholarships at the beginning of each term to assure you a smooth start to each semester. You may email or call our office to verify if the paperwork has been processed. We may be able to tell you when a check will be mailed, but that is not always the case. Staff cannot provide award decisions over the phone.

American Indian Graduate Center does not pay to retake classes. Therefore, it is in a student’s best interest to work with their adviser early in the semester to assure a passing grade or to drop the class. In either case, students are placed on one term probation, receive the next term’s funds but must complete a full-time load with passing grades to receive continued funding. This remains true for all American Indian Graduate Center opportunities.

American Indian Graduate Center funds students for very specific Maximum Periods of Eligibility. Maximum terms are as follows:

  • Master’s Degree: two academic years (four semesters or six quarters).
  • Doctoral Degree: four academic years (eight semesters or twelve quarters).
  • MD, DO, Veterinary, Pharmacy or Pharmacology Degrees: four academic years including summers (twelve semesters or sixteen quarters).

If you have received multiple award offers from American Indian Graduate Center, you may only accept one offer.