FAQ’s for Scholarships

We receive a number of questions regarding eligibility for our scholarship programs.  Review the following information, the scholarship information pages or the online application instructions for full information about our programs.  Due to a high volume of calls, staff may take up to 10 days to respond to your question; however, it is most likely addressed in the FAQ’s, the descriptions or the instructions. We will update this page as necessary.

Am I eligible? We are not able to determine eligibility without a completed application. We ask that you complete an application and staff will make determinations based on your responses in the application. We can only make eligibility determinations from completed applications. In many cases, it takes up to 10 business days to review a submitted application.

Is my school eligible, I attend ABC College? We are not able to determine eligibility without a completed application. Do know that AIGC administers a number of opportunities with varying qualifications. Your online application could qualify you for more than one opportunity, so you are encouraged to complete an application and allow the program staff up to 10 business days to review your submission.

When will I know if I am eligible? While the program staff will make every effort to review applications weekly, you will know if you are minimally eligible once you submit the General Application and you see the system recommended opportunities for you. If you see no recommended opportunities, you may not qualify for AIGC assistance. Contact AIGC Scholarship staff (not AIGC reception) if you believe the system is not correct.

What is the deadline for each program? Each AIGC opportunity has its own deadline. Most are June 1, but please don’t wait until the deadline to apply as you may be eligible for other AIGC opportunities.

How much is the scholarship? Each AIGC scholarship has it’s own award amounts. whenever possible, we post those amounts in the online system; however, most are varying. In the event that you are offered an award, we’ll do all we can to get your award amount to you as early as possible.

I am a descendant of an enrolled tribal member, do I qualify? At this time, AIGC primarily funds members of federally-recognized tribes. AIGC does not advise about this determination over the telephone or email. You must submit a Tribal Eligibility Form to your tribal enrollment office and they will send it to us for processing. Please submit a completed application to allow staff to determine full eligibility..

How do I trace my Native ancestry to determine if I am eligible? If you know the tribe with which you are affiliated, you should contact their office of tribal enrollment to learn if you are eligible to be enrolled in the community.  If you do not know your tribal affiliation, you can download a copy of a Guide to Tracing Your American Indian Ancestry.