“I am deeply grateful for the financial assistance you were able to provide me this year. At the start of each new semester, I have previously found myself in lots of anxiety figuring out how I was going to pay for books, tuition, rent, and food. Usually, I am making just enough to get by and carry me through each month. The scholarship was just enough for me at the right time in the Fall. And since I will be temporarily let go from my current job this month, this money will do a lot to help carry me over this Spring until I find another job. Thank you very much again for the care. I sincerely appreciate everyone involved in this scholarship process!”

Jade Johnson

AIGC Delivers Technical Talent! The Science Post Graduate Scholarship Fund (SPGSF) Program, administered by AIGC produces results!

  • 95% graduation rate!
  • 66% of SPGSF students are women
  • Top fields include environmental science, engineering, and pharmacy

December 2018 Graduate

Bonnie LemonBonnie Lemon

Home Town: Fletcher, Okla.
Tribe: Comanche
Scholarship: AIGC Fellowship
School: Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Field: Native American Leadership
GPA: 4

My name is Bonnie Lemon; I am 43 years old and a member of the Comanche Nation. I have two bachelor’s degrees in sociology and criminal justice and am currently completing my last class of a Master of Science in Native American Leadership. I currently maintain a 4.0 and have an “A” in my current class; my goal is to complete the program with a 4.0. I graduated from undergraduate in 2006 and decided later in life to return to complete my master’s degree. I have two children, a daughter, Heather who is currently a sophomore at Cameron University, and a son, Jordan, who is currently a sophomore at Fletcher High School. I am currently employed by my tribe, the Comanche Nation, in Lawton Oklahoma as the Director of the Reintegration Program. I just received the position at the beginning of September and I feel the classes in the Native American leadership program helped me tremendously in attaining the position. I have been working for the Comanche Nation for six and a half years and have previously working in the Higher Education and Election Offices. I love working for the Comanche Nation and am excited about the future as I settle into my new role. As an older student returning to school to complete my master’s degree, I want people to know that it is never too late to follow your dreams and make your goals a reality.