December 2019 – Graduate

Natacha Messerly Doney

Hays, MT

Montana State University-Northern
Education, Learning, and Instruction
GPA 4.0

Community Service

  • Coached local youth and adults in weightlifting and nutrition during the summer and after school
  • Proofread essays and other pieces of writing for local youth and adults
  • Supervised local youth at a summer camp, tackling duties such as counseling, leading nightly devotionals, and ensuring the safety of the children
  • Cleaned up after school events, such as basketball games
  • Participated in a reservation-wide clean-up day on Earth Day
  • Served elders meals at local events
  • Assisted with set up and clean-up of local free concert on reservation
  • Helped local elders gather, separate, and ship cattle
  • Offered students transportation to school during adverse weather conditions, traveling over 40 miles one way
  • Decorated the cafeteria for several school meals, such as Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner


My name is Natacha Messerly Doney, and I am an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe. I have been married for six years, and together, my husband and I have adopted several fur babies: Morby, Lily, and an unnamed kitten I found on Highway 2. Fort Belknap is the place I call home, but I currently teach grades 7-12 English Language Arts in Dodson, Montana.

From an early age, I knew I wanted to help the local youth in any way I could. I saw some of the problems my friends were going through and decided that earning a teaching degree would help me achieve this goal. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and English in December 2016, and this fall I will begin the journey of obtaining my Masters’s Degree in Education (wish me luck!).

Fitness is an important part of my life. One of my favorite hobbies is running in the Little Rockies. Every summer I look forward to competing in local fitness challenges for fun. In the winter I enjoy attending CrossFit classes. In addition to running, I also love Panda Express orange chicken, trying new coffees, reading American and British literature, hanging out with friends and family, and spending too much money at Target.