February 2021 – Undergraduate

Greyson Palmer

Greyson Palmer

Cherokee Nation

Claremore, OK

Wells Fargo Undergraduate


University of Oklahoma

Biology (Pre-Optometry)


Community Service


  • Co-President/Volunteer, OU Global Brigades-Honduras (various fundraising/donation/recruiting activities online and by telephone), approximately 40 hours from August 2020 through February 2021;
  • Director/Volunteer, Palmer Powers Project, approximately 15 hours per month all year long (activities are all online);
  • Volunteer, Church in Norman, OK (cleaning, etc.), approximately 6 hours, August 2020 through February 2021


  • Passports, Immunizations, and Flights Chair/Volunteer, OU Global Brigades-Honduras (various fundraising/donation/organizations/ scheduling activities), approximately 30 hours during 2 semesters;
  • Director/Volunteer, Palmer Powers Project, approximately 10 hours per month all year long; Participant, OU President’s Community Scholars Abroad (Kids Camp in Arezzo, Italy), approximately 12 hours,
  • June 2019; Volunteer, CARD Senior Center in Pryor, OK (meal delivery, etc.), approximately 22 hours, December 2019


  • Director/Volunteer, Palmer Powers Project, approximately 12 hours per month all year long;
  • Volunteer/Participant, President’s Community Scholars, various community events including Cleats for Kids, Camp Blue Hawk, Downs Syndrome Festival and 5K in OKC, etc., approximately 8 hours per month for 2 semesters; Volunteer, OU
  • Global Brigades-Honduras (Rural Medical Clinic), approximately 30 hours, May 2019; Participant, OU Student Healthcare Outreach 5K Event, approximately 8 hours, approximately
  • October 2018; Participant, The Big Event, 4 hours, March 2019


Short Bio

Greyson grew up outside a small town in Oklahoma and attended a rural public school. He spent a lot of time playing tennis and basketball and having fun with his friends.  In high school, Greyson decided to attend an online public school so that he would have more time for concurrent college classes and volunteering. Greyson could not have known that attending high school online would help him develop crucial skills for attending college virtually from March 2020 up to the present date. He learned how to be self-directed, disciplined and how to find the information he needed when there was no teacher nearby to help. Thankfully, Greyson’s first year of college was prior to COVID-19, in this, Greyson was able to enjoy a “normal” freshman year. Greyson met great friends and had the wonderful experience of preparing for and volunteering at a health clinic in a rural village in Honduras. Greyson assisted with optometry exams and solidified his career goal to become an optometrist through that opportunity. “It was life-changing to see the smile on the face of an elderly lady who put on her first pair of eyeglasses”, said Greyson.  “To know the impact on her quality of life because she had never been able to see clearly” he continued. Greyson also traveled to Italy after his freshman year for a study abroad experience that incorporated community service. This helped him to learn how to be a productive, compassionate global citizen who helps others while pursuing his chosen career path.  As an optometrist, Greyson wants to help his tribe and other tribes ensure that Native Americans have easy and affordable access to good eye health and vision care.