Mosiah Bluecloud

Norman, Oklahoma
Kickapoo Tribe

Special Higher Education Program
Lynne Ruth Lafin Elmore Sucher Scholarship

The University of Oklahoma

4.0 GPA

Community Service

  • Established the Teacher Training Program for the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas
  • Establish the Kickapoo Language Department for the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma
  • Lead a curriculum development program for Indigenous communities sponsored by the University of Oklahoma


Short Bio

Mosiah Bluecloud, an enrolled member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma, began working in Indigenous Language Revitalization in 2008. He started as an intern at the Sauk Language Department in Stroud, Oklahoma. He later transitioned from an Audio and Video Technician to a member of the Sauk Language Department’s Modified Master Apprentice Program in 2010. After 1,280 hours of learning Sauk as an Apprentice and 668 hours of professional development training in Native Language Teaching Methodologies, Bluecloud became the Lead instructor of the Sauk Language. He taught community classes across three counties, a Sauk Language course at Bacone College and two levels of Sauk at Shawnee High School.

Bluecloud left the Sauk Language Department to pursue his Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, which he received in Spring 2016 from the University of Oklahoma and established the Kickapoo Language program later that fall. Mosiah continued his higher education journey at the University of Arizona where he completed his master’s degree in Native American Languages and Linguistics. He is set to start his PhD linguists’ program this fall. While working on his master’s degree, Mosiah also established the Kickapoo Teacher Training Program for the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas.