Matthew Holgate

Matthew Holgate

Navajo Nation
Navajo Mountain, AZ

Wells Fargo Undergraduate
Vanguard University of Southern California


Community Service
I currently serve as the Vice President of Communication in the Student Government Association at VUSC. I have recently promoted and worked on planning Anti-Human Trafficking and Human Trafficking Awareness conferences and Webinars to Navajo Youth. I have served as the Intercultural Students Programs Department Lead (2019-2020) at VUSC. I am also a current intern for the non-profit Love 146, an organization aimed to end child trafficking.

Short Bio
Matthew is a current Junior at Vanguard University of Southern California. Matthew is originally from Navajo Mountain, AZ, he is Diné from the Navajo Nation. Matthew is Many Goats born for Bitter water, his Maternal Grandfather is Mexican Clan, and his Paternal Grandfather is Many Goats. Matthew is a communication major with a minor in journalism and digital media, along with obtaining his certificate in Anti-Human Trafficking. When Matthew is done with college, he wants to bring awareness of Human trafficking to Indigenous youth everywhere. Matthew has a passion of working with students who seek to create social change in their communities for the better. Matthew can see change, but it has to take all of us to be aware and share our voices, especially in human trafficking, and it is his future that every indigenous person would feel the human right of being loved and knowing love.