Jaida Smith

Jaida Smith

Farmington, NM
Navajo Nation
Wells Fargo Undergraduate

University of New Mexico
GPA 3.68

Community Service

While balancing my volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and studies, I continue to learn purely to expand my knowledge and to broaden my views.

When I am not busy with my education, I involve myself in my school and my community by academically challenging myself, as well as leading in my many activities. In my free time, I volunteer and serve as much as I can within my community. I volunteer weekly at the University of New Mexico Hospital specifically in the Child Life area. I also am a Coordinator and Volunteer for the Native Health Initiative which aims to give back to communities through loving service.

On campus, I have involved myself in the University of New Mexico’s Student Health and Counseling Leadership Council and the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico Community Experience. I am also the current Volunteer Coordinator for the University of New Mexico Pre-Medical Society where I coordinate several community service activities for officers and members to attend.


My name is Jaida Mariee Smith and I am currently attending the University of New Mexico as a Junior student. I am studying a Pre-Medical route to attend Medical School at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. I am obtaining a BS major in Biochemistry with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Human Values, Psychology, and Designation in the Honors College. I am currently working as a Resident Advisor for the Navajo Nation Student Community Living Learning Community in on-campus housing.

With these aspirations, I plan to further my skills as a leader, scholar, and altruist to become the best student I can and graduate in the top of my class. I plan to apply for medical school in the summer of 2020 and start medical school in summer of 2021. I hope to become a Pediatrician and seek an occupation as a doctor for Indian Health Services specifically in Shiprock, New Mexico. I plan to serve my community as I have been so blessed by them and their support.

The community that I wish to serve as a physician have taught me the important values of tradition and respect for culture that I carry with me wherever I go. As a first generation, female, Native American college student, I can attest to the struggle and hardships that we face, but I strive to beat the odds and pave a path for others from similar backgrounds. This scholarship and the opportunities that come with it will prepare me for my future as a doctor and I will become more attuned with my Native American culture along with it. I will examine firsthand how my heritage and medicine can work together.

This generous scholarship will help me to further achieve my dreams, perform at my best, and help lower the physician shortage, treating the sick and underserved. Since medicine is a profession that is devoted to helping others, I aspire to make the best of my experiences through volunteering, community service, job shadowing, and interacting with others. This scholarship and opportunities that come with it will prepare me for my future as a doctor and I will become more attuned with my Native American culture. I hope to bridge the gap between traditional and modern medicine and practice in New Mexico to ensure that my state, community, and Navajo Reservation are healthy for generations to come.

My drive to make a difference will continue through the rest of my life, because everyone has a need. The future is filled with countless opportunities to serve. By involving myself in new things and experiences allows me to find my identity and aspirations I want to achieve in life.