May 2019 Undergraduate


Aubrey Skeeter
Glenpool, OK
Yuchi/Mvskoke (Creek)

Colorado College
GPA 3.4

Community Service
Delta Gamma: Service for Sight
NASU: working with D11, Colorado Springs
Fine Arts Center at Colorado College
Spiritual Life at Colorado College

Member of Duck Creek Ceremonial Ground
Glenpool Creek Indian Community
Head-cook for Mason Camp at Gray Horse and Kihecusteh


f’asa! Aubrey Skeeter-A’zAtE. shanana dEshtEnE.

Hello! I am Aubrey Skeeter. I am currently in my senior year of school at Colorado College. I am an Education Major and focus my work primarily with younger elementary students. Right now, in my schooling, I am working on my thesis project which will be examining Decolonization Theory in Education.

When I am not working on my thesis, I am usually working at one of my two jobs, practicing self-care as I am in the recovery process of several sexual trauma incidents, working on my art, or sleeping.

Being away from my family has been such a struggle for the past four years, but I am so thankful that they have always been there to support me. Being away from my community has been equally as difficult but has shown me how much my community truly means to me. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had at Colorado College and could not have gotten here without the Duck Creek community.

Post-graduation I plan on moving back to Oklahoma and working with the Yuchi Language Program in Sapulpa, OK. Here I hope to strengthen my Yuchi Language skills and be able to keep the language alive and well. Post-post-graduation I do plan on attending graduate school for Education.

I am so thankful for all the opportunities granted to me in my short life and cannot wait to see what else the Creator has in store for me.