Gabriel Garcia

Gabriel Garcia

Maricopa, AZ Tohono O Odham Nation SHEP Arizona State University Global Technology and Development 3.76

Community Service

  • Mul Cha Tha Parade – Sacaton, AZ – March 7, 2020
  • High School and College Info Night – Gila Crossing Community School, AZ – March 5, 2020
  • Native MEN Conference – Scottsdale Community College, AZ – February 22, 2020
  • Your Voice, Your Thoughts – Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ – February 20, 2020
  • Global Institute of Sustainability 15th Anniversary – Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ – February 18, 2020
  • UNITY Mid-Year Conference – Tempe, AZ – February 17, 2020
  • Boys & Girls Club – Gilbert, AZ – February 15, 2020
  • Arizona Indian Festival – Scottsdale Civic Center Park, AZ – February 9, 2020
  • Tohono O’odham Nation Rodeo and Fair Parade – Sells Fair Grounds, AZ – February 2, 2020 
  • Wisdom of Indigenous Foods – Arizona State University SkySong, Scottsdale, AZ – January 23, 2020 
  • Indian Nations and Tribes Legislative Day – Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix, AZ – January 15, 2020


Short Bio

Growing up in a small town called Stanfield, Gabriel’s family was located about 22 miles north of the entrance of the Tohono O’odham Nation, 95 miles from his district. Gabriel grew up on his maternal side of the family, where it consisted of his grandmother and her 11 children. The first 10 grew up with the language and knew how to speak it, but soon forgot it come the 21st century. The last child, his mother, did not grow up with such interactions and only understood the conversations, but did not know how to speak it. His grandmother no longer wanted to speak it out of fear from her traumatic experience in her early ages. Her children saw no purpose to continue speaking what they knew since the people around them spoke English. 

As a result, Gabriel grew up in an English-only environment. While he was involved in Native American clubs in high school and Indigenous organizations in college, he never felt like a member of his Tribe. He simply felt like a volunteer. However, in the past two years, his involvement with Indigenous communities has increased. It has led to him learning his introduction in O’odham, understanding their traditions and gaining knowledge of his culture. Today, he continues striving to improve his knowledge and find ways to continue giving back to his community. Gabriel graduated in 2019 from Arizona State University (ASU) with his bachelor’s in supply chain management and minor in design. Currently, he is attending graduate school at ASU, studying global technology and development, where his end goal is to work for his Tribe and their gaming enterprises.