MAY 2021 – Undergraduate

Danielle Waters


Wyandotte Nation
Lacey, WA

Direct Scholarship-Undergraduate
Northwest Indian College
Social/Substance Use Disorder


Community Service

I volunteer at my church, Capital Christian. I help with childcare on ‘Celebrate Recovery night’; I give my time so parents that are struggling with recovery issues, on any scale, can attend for recovery and worship. I also volunteer my time organizing libraries for Ghana, Africa. Our church gets donations from people and from schools that have old textbooks, and we ship containers over to Ghana. We have shipped 3 containers, before we ship them, we catalog them and set them up into a set amount of “libraries” and each set library we assign to a Christian church in Ghana; this way the people of all ages in Ghana can get books to read and to study! They do not have libraries right now, and a lot of children do not get to go to school. So, this is an opportunity for them to learn; I hope to visit Ghana some day and go on a mission.

Short Bio

Danielle is from the Wyandotte Nation tribe from Oklahoma. Although she was born and raised in Washington state. She is a proud mother to 5 children: 4 daughters and 1 boy. Living in the Pacific Northwest Danielle enjoys doing outdoor activities, mostly with her children and her dog! I have enjoyed hiking the mountain areas we have throughout Washington, and also the beaches of the Pacific Ocean areas. Danielle’s favorite areas have been the San Juan areas, so absolutely serene! Danielle is a woman who is in 2 years of recovery, this is the inspiration for my choice of degree and my desire to work with Indigenous women who struggle with substance use disorder. Danielle is a woman of faith and she thanks God for the opportunities that are before her; even the times she had to struggle to get where she is today!