October 2020 – Graduate

Gavin Nadeau October 2020 Graduate SOTM

Gavin Nadeau

Belcourt, North Dakota
Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa
SPGSF – Graduate

University of North Dakota
Higher Education

GPA: 3.9

Community Service

Throughout his undergraduate career, Gavin was heavily involved in several student organizations in his local community of Grand Forks, ND. He has been away from his home community for over seven years while earning his degree and gaining experience. After Gavin graduates with my doctoral degree, he is moving back to the Turtle Mountains to, hopefully, work at the Turtle Mountain Community College. He has and will continue to give back to his community through education. 

Short Bio

Gavin grew up in a single-parent household on the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian reservation. He was not very interested in education during k-12, but, since there isn’t much job opportunities on the reservation, he decided to enroll at the Turtle Mountain Community College (TMCC). Gavin soon understood the power of education and decided to continue.

In 2013, Gavin graduated from TMCC and transferred to the University of North Dakota (UND). While at UND, he has earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees – one in Indian Studies and the other in History. After earning his Bachelors degree, Gavin enrolled in a Masters of Science program for higher education. He always knew he wanted to help students navigate and become successful in college, but it was during his Masters where that ideology solidified.

After graduating with his Masters degree in 2019, Gavin was accepted into his current Doctoral program. He loves helping students be successful in college. Beyond taking classes, he currently serves as a Student Advisor for UND’s TRIO Student Support Services program. Gavin loves his job and cannot wait for the opportunity to serve his Turtle Mountain community when he graduates. American Indian Graduate Center has been very supportive of his efforts, and he wants to say thank you. Thank you for believing him and other Native scholars.