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University of Colorado Boulder Upward Bound Program Scholarship Fund

Donate to the University of Colorado Boulder Upward Bound scholarship fund to create opportunities for Native youth. American Indian Graduate Center invites you to give using the form below.

Donate to the Scholarship Fund!

By donating to the Upward Bound Program Scholarship Fund, you are creating opportunities for high school students to prepare for college. Not only will students be inspired and empowered to succeed but they will also be given a chance to celebrate their cultural identities in whatever postsecondary path they choose. Your generous gift will create valuable experiential learning opportunities as well as promote success in pre-college performance. 

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Upward Bound

American Indian Graduate Center partners with Upward Bound Scholarship Fund

The University of Colorado Boulder Upward Bound Program is a Federal TRIO Program designed to motivate and support Native students from disadvantaged backgrounds, supplementing their existing education and preparing them for academic success at all educational levels. The program provides opportunities for students to prepare for college entrance, succeed in pre-college performance and ultimately achieve success in higher education pursuits.

The program recognizes that Native youth remain the single most underrepresented racial/ethnic group in postsecondary education. They also remain gravely underserved in high school. With support from American Indian Graduate Center’s pre-college academic support programming, the organizations can reach a larger audience. However, to achieve our goals we are calling on support from Upward Bound alumni and supporters.

The program provides students with the resources and support they need to successfully navigate high school and thus prepare for their unique postsecondary paths. The program also offers students an intensive, 6-week Summer Academic Program, held on the CU Boulder campus. In the Summer Academic Program, students experience living on a college campus before graduating from high school.

Additionally, students receive instruction in math, laboratory science, composition, literature, and foreign language throughout the academic year and during the six-week Summer Academic Program.

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